Welcome. It’s good to meet with you here. After all, getting connected is what it’s all about, right? Never before have we had such a varied frenzy of social networks to have our voices heard on. It used to be said that everyone could be famous for 15 minutes. Perhaps that should be 15 seconds these days as the demand to be heard increases while the attention span wanes in the midst of so many conflicting messages.

Sometimes it can feel like SHOUTING (sorry – very rude of me) is the only way to claim attention ~ to make us stand out from the crowd. But does it really help us to ‘get heard’? It can be hard to be our true, authentic selves when we can so easily be different things to different people as the mood/social network takes us. After all, who can tell who we really are? An element of trust is involved.

We all have an intrinsic need to feel safe, loved and accepted. It is hard-wired into us from infancy and helps us to fulfil our potential when we have affirmation and positive regard from others and an equally balanced regard for ourselves.

How we go about meeting our desires to be heard in adult life can vary according to what extent those basic, fundamental needs were met and satisfied (or not) during our early years when the foundations of loving and being loved were laid.

When we want to connect with those we love then things are usually quite different. We have several choices before us, but nothing beats ‘face- to- face’ contact. Focusing and giving undivided attention may feel alien in our distracting and distracted lifestyles but it’s the very life-breath of close relationships. 

Within the context of a supportive, loving relationship we can hopefully be real, let down our guards and be open and honest ~ warts and all ~ knowing that we are loved for who we are rather than for what we say or do. Rather than needing to shout to be heard, we often don’t need to say anything at all. And that’s so refreshingly restful!

The poem below speaks of communicating with the one you love. It can also be interpreted in the light of hearing God’s voice of love speaking through creation, where His name and fame are broadcast loud and clear. Yet He also speaks with a ‘still, small voice’ to our hearts ~ if we desire to hear from and be in relationship with Him.

As the Bible says: ‘Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear’ – Isaiah 65:24. 

So even if you may feel nobody else hears you, cares what you are going through or can understand you, please remember that God hears the unspoken cries of your heart. He made you, understands you better than any other person can and will fully meet your need for love and acceptance.

‘Whisper Your Name’

Whisper your name in the 
cold cubes of ice that
melt with heat’s breath
Whisper your name in the 
wild, swirling tussle of 
leaves on the ground
Whisper your name in the
snow that is black
with your words
Whisper your name in the
warm, woody ashes of
Winter that’s gone
Whisper your name in
Spring flowers that
nod out your greeting
Whisper your name in
the heavy haze of Summer sun
and Autumn sunsets
Whisper your name,
my love
and I’ll…..
whisper MINE