Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and get comfortable. We’re about to take the first step into uncharted territory  – for me. From being a complete social-media novice a few months ago, when I tumbled tentatively into Twitter, I have survived and thrived enough to bashfully broach the borders of blogging too – gulp! Once that mission is accomplished, there remains the final frontier of ‘Facebook phobia’ to overcome one day perhaps? Wait and see.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The question is:’Why here and why now?’ I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. It’s partly due to a creative awakening after years of little or no output. Possibly witnessing my two adult sons branching out successfully as bloggers, writers and authors in recent years has encouraged me to fulfil that urge too.

I’ve always ‘scribbled’ things throughout my life in the form of stories, poetry and journalling. But it’s never been in any public (although some poetry has been published) or especially purposeful way before.

At this stage in my life, after living with ME and other chronic health problems for 20 years, an awful lot of reflecting has gone on. Whilst my ‘outer life’ has increasingly diminished in the ability to do things and participate actively, it appears that my ‘inner life’ has developed and grown stronger and richer by comparison. At least I hope so.

I tend to feel and think deeply and to both speak and write from the heart. So what you see and read as I take my first steps into blogging may not be perfectly polished, but it will be authentic and real. It will also be greatly influenced and informed by my Christian faith, which has been the most significant, life-changing event of my adult life. Any flaws and mistakes here are mine. Any plaudits and praise are due to God, who has made it possible by His strengthening power (during a wonderful remission in my symptoms) for this to exist at all.

Grateful thanks are also due to my very supportive family, friends and Twitter followers for encouraging me with this enterprise. So, let’s get started…

We begin this blog with a ‘first step’ that we are all familiar with on life’s journey. The great theme of love and relationships is expressed in this brief first poem from the archives – written in those heady days of youth and first love. Aah.. I remember it well! Enjoy it as a small taster for things to come.

Our love

Plucked from the air
like the swelling ripeness of
new fruit,
Born on a breeze
And captured
As a breath;
A tender touch
Within a sigh –
Friendship’s depth
And sorrow’s death.