Though certain spiritual practices will be common for many of us, individual variation makes room for the way we are differently wired and true to ourselves.

There’s a huge freedom of expression in how we live out and practice our faith, and that’s a freeing thought.

For instance, my husband may mourn his inability to sit and read God’s Word with any scheduled regularity. But then, he’s not a keen reader at all. I know, what with me being an avid book lover, how could we be so unequally yoked?!

However, he does have a natural gift of easily absorbing, meditating on, and remembering visual things like a sponge. He also enjoys communing with God when he goes for walks. Nature inspires us to be open and calm as we absorb its beauty and charm.

I tend to favour using an eclectic mix of devotional readings each day, including poetry and Christian lifestyle books. It’s flexible enough to cope with missing a reading or two or play catch-up if I get too far behind sometimes.

Yet I occasionally compare myself unfavourably with zealous souls who get up early to pray, dig deep into studying Scripture each day, and diligently research the hidden meaning of the words they read. I’m relieved we are all different.

Because each small step to approach God is better than none. You might find activities such as sitting in silence, listening to soul stirring music, lighting a candle as you pray or journalling your responses are what help you focus best.

Painting is another expression of faith, alongside other creative pursuits such as Bible art journaling which helps bring verses alive and acts as a visual aid for focusing on them.

My approach is a little and often one depending on each day’s available energy levels, concentration and focus. I have several resources on the go which I dip into occasionally, whereas others are a daily habit, including using the Good Ground app.

My natural tendency is to meditate on a line or word, maybe a verse, and practice lectio divina whenever I can. Journaling, writing poems, prayers or reflections based on what touches my heart are activities that work well for me, too.

A set routine can be useful but our minds should remain flexible and open to change. Devotional practices can alter as we grow and mature in faith and develop the confidence to express our desire for intimacy with God in numerous ways.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something different now and then. You might be surprised by how much small changes can energise and enliven your daily time with the Lord.

The most important thing is to maintain a vital, living chain of connectivity to God to deepen our awareness of His presence with us.

What that looks like can be as varied and unique as we are because we all respond to God out of our own inner leanings, faith practices, experiences, knowledge, and understanding. But our souls will prosper when we seek to draw closer to Him.

As we become more attuned to the Holy Spirit’s voice within our hearts, it’s like having our own inner satellite navigation system to keep us steady and on course.

It’s one we gradually grow accustomed to as we respond with increasing sensitivity and accompanying surrender, especially when we learn to follow our heart’s response to God’s holy nudges.

How do you prefer to spend your soul nurturing moments with God? What changes might you consider making to your own spiritual practices?

I’d love to hear your response in the comments below. Remember, there is no wrong answer or judgement here, only a warm welcome, a listening ear, and a link to an amusing poem about prayer… 😉💜