A few months ago I had a full hearing assessment and was grateful God gave me His peace, calmed my anxious heart, and got me through another unexpected health challenge.

A very minor one, admittedly, yet still with the power to unsettle my soul because anxiety has fast become my default mode. Perhaps you can relate?

It’s partly due to struggling to recover after months of M.E relapse and viral illness, and partly because it’s a habit I seem to have developed.

One that’s exacerbated because of coronavirus stress and worsening tinnitus, coupled with intermittent hearing loss problems over several months.

My doctor has referred me for further investigation and treatment, and I’m trying not to worry about that either. Unfortunately, my ability to adjust to exacerbation of symptoms or unwelcome new symptoms isn’t as good as it could be.

anxiety - weary woman - having M.E and chronic illness quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

With the kind of hypersensitive, exhausted and depleted system having M.E or chronic illness gives us, it’s not easy to feel relaxed about any change for the worse. Before we know it, anxiety has reared its ugly head again.

Maybe you have a similar problem? Perhaps free-floating anxiety clings to you like weeds, with no discernible reason as far as you can tell but it trips you up and makes you feel low. If so, may the words received in prayer below encourage you too.

Because whether we have health problems, work issues or relationship difficulties, or have simply allowed anxiety and fear to infiltrate our souls, God freely offers us the gift of His rest and peace.

anxiety - God freely offers us the gift of His rest and peace quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

Prayer Whisper: Let fear and anxiety subside

“Fear not My child. Let your fears and anxieties subside. I have walked through fire for you, and I accompany you through every fiery trial you go through. There is no need to fear the flames of adversity because nothing can harm the most vital part of who you are.

Though your mind and body can become distressed, disturbed and diseased, nothing can touch your spirit where I live. There you can experience an oasis of rest and peace as you guard your heart and ask for My help.

It’s a peace the world cannot give to you. A peace that perplexes others because it passes understanding. They cannot fathom how you can face and walk through even the hardest of trials with a hopeful heart and a deep reassurance of My care and love.”

anxiety - Let fear and anxiety subside #prayerwhisper quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

“Remember this when you encounter trials of various kinds—they are sent to test, strengthen and develop your faith, and to purify your heart.

Because an easy, always harmonious life wouldn’t cause you to look to Me to be your source of strength. But difficulties and challenges serve to throw you on My mercy and grace.

Take these thoughts, and similar promises in My word, and treasure them up in your heart so that when adversity comes you will be reminded to turn to Me, and receive the support and comfort only I can bring to your troubled soul.”

anxiety - flowers - trees - we can experience an oasis of rest and peace quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com

I nearly didn’t share this because…well, shame. Instead of being an encouraging, faith-fuelled, confident woman of God, I’ve morphed into a fear-filled worrywart. I’m acting as if God isn’t trustworthy enough or as though it were my job to become concerned in advance.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes life’s challenges and stress, poor health, episodes of discouragement, depression or overwhelm can send us into a vicious cycle of worrying about everything.

We falter for a while, a season, maybe, and we feel mortified to have turned into angst-ridden people who cannot seem to break the habit. Yet Jesus, who won’t break a bruised reed, won’t condemn a bruised soul that’s become temporarily captive to anxiety.

What He will do is gently turn our thoughts in His direction, until it becomes the norm. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, but oh how we love to chastise and condemn ourselves!

Instead, God offers us His reassuring Presence, unconditional love and endless grace. And as we cooperate with Holy Spirit, we can learn to live less fearfully and more faithfully, trusting God has got us covered, come what may. l plan to explore more anxiety-relieving strategies in future posts. 🙂 ❤

anxiety - God offers us His reassuring Presence quote (C) joylenton @joylenton.com