A really important message from my wise, inspiring friend, Pastor Michael Moore. It would be good for us to take this to heart in our walk of life and faith. It describes the place where inward contemplation and action join hands, and we learn how to be church without walls. Thank you, Brother! ❤

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

Christian life has been challenged in years, decades, and centuries past. From the early church’s persecution to the East/West schism and from the Reformation to the splintering of denominations over a variety of issues she has still managed to remain and be relevant. Not only has the church remained relevant, she has continued to nurture faith, fellowship, and service.

Despite the politicization of religion in this nation and around the world, the Spirit is still at work challenging us to live and love and spread the love, peace, and justice of God for ALL. We are facing another challenge which seems to be shaking the organized church to its core. With social isolation for the good of all, especially the most vulnerable, we have had to figure out how to be “the church” in new ways.

As I watch the growing impatience to “get back to normal” my heart aches…

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