Friends, these are worrying, anxiety-ridden days we are living in, aren’t they? Many are panic buying, scared of scarcity of any kind. Borders are closed, and most countries are in lockdown mode. Fear is spreading faster than the coronavirus itself.

There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with feeling our painful emotions and acknowledging them, but it doesn’t help to let them lead to soul overwhelm. We’re also experiencing a greater dependency on self-care practices which help safeguard our health, keep us calm, enable us to relax, and protect our fragile peace.

But what if there was a peace freely available to us 24/7? A peace that is independent of our circumstances? A peace that lasts? This kind of peace is less dependent on human effort because it draws us deeper into the restful heart of God.

It is found in Jesus Christ Himself. He alone holds the key to achieving greater inner rest, peace and serenity, as we abide in Him.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” — Isaiah 26:3 NIV

Prayer Whisper: Peace and Presence

“Peace to you, My child. I bring you peace beyond all comprehension, with a completeness your soul craves. The world seeks peace but often forgets that I am the Prince of Peace and the only one able to infuse peace into your fretful souls, give you everlasting hope and make you whole.”

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“Don’t let harassment be the hallmark of your days or stress become the major motivating factor stirring you to action. Instead, sit and rest in my presence. Breathe… slowly… and deeply. Take time to allow your body to relax and prepare your mind to receive.

I see the way being driven causes you to feel hard-pressed. I watch as your shoulders hunch up with pressure and droop with fatigue. I observe you rushing from one thing to another, if only in your thoughts.

I long for you to take a short holy pause, to become aware of the reassurance of My presence and My willingness to take care of every burden that weighs you down so heavily. My heart grieves when you forget I AM is with you every step of the way.

My hope is for you to sense the need to connect with Me at regular intervals throughout your day. I yearn for you to turn towards Me and be relieved of the cares and concerns you are carrying. I ache to pour out an extra measure of My love, and fill your bruised and broken heart to the brim with My peace.

Will you give yourself the gift of time with Me? Will you decide to come aside before your heartache and pain make it impossible to do anything else? I long to support and guide you, and help steer your thoughts in the right direction again.”

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“Never forget I am your best friend. I am ready to rescue, I am not here to condemn. I love you far more than your finite mind can ever conceive and I am always available to saturate your soul with My grace and peace.

When Holy Spirit stirs you to remembrance, take a moment to step back from busyness and engage with my presence. It needn’t be long. Because every small moment spent resting in Me will reap eternal benefits.

My heart leaps whenever you pause to remember who I am and your soul recognises the way dependency on Me produces joy and peace in your heart. I am waiting, my child. Always willing to hear from you.

I treasure most of all those times when you say nothing at all, just sit and keep Me company, like two close friends, relaxed and comfortable with one another, with no need for words, because they have a deep soul connection, understanding and empathy. Come soon, dear one. Abba is alert for your footsteps.

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” —John 14:27 TLB

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