There are times when I am too weary, too tired to talk coherently to God. But if I write out my thoughts instead, I can end up with a composite kind of prayer. It’s one that encompasses several issues and needs at once.

So I am offering one to you today. Although it might cover more than you need, you can look at it rather like a spiritual pic ‘n mix, whereby you simply sit with a paragraph or section. Just take what you want or sense you need, and move on.

But if you would like to search your soul a bit, then feel free to make the composite whole of it your prayer. May it speak to your heart and help if you’re struggling for words yourself.

A composite prayer for help and guidance

Dear Lord,

Help me to listen. May I hear holy whispers, receive words of wisdom and see glimpses of grace. May I marvel over moments of mercy and be filled with gratitude for your leading and guiding.

Let your voice penetrate my heart, fill my soul and overflow from my own to those who need to know about your goodness and love. May I sit and soak in your presence, absorb life-giving light, life, truth, beauty and grace. Then pour those soul gifts out to others.

And as I rest myself more fully in you, please use this time to sift and refine my mind and sort out my flawed thoughts. Come clear out the clutter, heal what is broken, and impart your insight to my soul.

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Why we need God’s help

Father, I cannot do this life alone. Because I get lonely. I grow weary, resist rest and faint. It’s all too easy for me to get discouraged and disgruntled. Then I drown in frustration and overwhelm. And fail to see when to stop or how to get off the merry-go-round I am on.

I do the things I should not do and neglect to do the most important things you want me to. Forgive me for my intransigence, my inability to sense the better and best, my lack of gratitude and need for people-approval.

Restoration and gratitude

Restore my soul. Reorient it to your own. Reveal and point me in the direction of your moral compass so I do not transgress your laws. Let me know when I have gone astray like a faltering, disobedient sheep, and swiftly bring me back to the right pathway again.

Thank you for never deserting me, for always staying close by my side. Thank you for your endless mercy and grace. They save me from the worst of myself and give me the desire to be a better person for others.

Thank you for my family and friends, my loved ones and those I have influence on. I know I do not always love well. Help me to be more attentive, compassionate, present and kind.

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Asking for guidance

Teach me how to live better with life’s thorny reality, facing trial and blessing with equanimity. And lessen the desire to escape or close myself off from others, and from your love most of all.

Help me slow down enough to hear your voice of love and encouragement above my own critical spirit.Β Let me rest in knowing I am loved and cherished. Just. As. I. Am.

Grant me peace when self-condemnation sits within. Help me hold on to what I know by faith, instead of being swayed by negativity.Β For all these things, and so much more besides, I seek your wisdom and guidance.


A closing blessing

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