Do you know you were created for a beautiful purpose? Are you aware that your life counts and matters greatly to God? If you answered in the negative to either of those questions, then you are not alone.

It has been a slow, gradual realisation for me to fully see and sense those things. When your family of origin rejects you, doesn’t value who you are, you grow up feeling inadequate and unwanted, unworthy of love and affection, then it’s not surprising if you fail to think well of yourself or see purpose in your existence.

I was already living with a defeated mindset because of experiencing childhood abuse and a broken home, long before I lost my health, job and purpose due to having M.E and chronic illness. As my strength failed, so did my career as a nurse and my sense of identity.

But as Cindee Snider Re, founder of Chronic Joy Ministry, says in her latest book ‘Finding Purpose: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness’“God calls me daily to bring my lack, my brokenness, my zero, in exchange for His enough, His strength, His all.”

Years ago, while lacking the knowledge I have now of my beloved state before God, I was miserable indeed. It’s all too easy to fail to see the holy purpose you were created for. Cindee also bears witness to the grieving process that ensues as we mourn the life and health we have lost. Her poem below gives insight into this struggle.

If, when first diagnosed with M.E almost 25 years ago, I had been given this insightful, encouraging and uplifting book to read, it would have made such a huge difference. I would have realised that “as long as we draw breath, there is hope. Because hope is the wellspring of joy.” Giving ourselves willingly to God provides us with a sense of purpose, an ability to be content and know we are blessed to be a blessing right where we are, with the love and grace we receive from Him.

My friend, it’s never too late to learn that your life has meaning and purpose. You don’t have to have had a painful past or be suffering from chronic illness to find hope and purpose in this book. All it requires is a receptive mind and heart, a willingness to want to change your perspective.

Cindee shares, through means of gently probing journal questions, relevant bible verses, quotes and wise, personal insights, how you, too, can discover that you matter and your life matters, whether you (or your loved ones) are healed or not.

You will begin to see how very much God loves you and desires you to live more freely, whatever your current circumstances might be. Freedom is more an attitude of the heart than anything else. We can alter our attitudes with God’s help and see that love is the best thing we possess to give away, because “maybe it’s less about what we can do than about how much we can love.”

You will discover the holy purpose God created you to enjoy, one that fits your unique personality and perspective. You will see that joy and contentment are more than possible, they are our birthright in Christ.

I cannot recommend this beautiful book highly enough. You can see my review here. It’s well worth getting a copy to slowly savour, allowing yourself all the time you need to journal the journey and grow into a deeper awareness of your beautiful purpose. Because you’re worth it. You really are. 🙂