God has hard-wired us with an insatiable desire for more. We’re not supposed to desire more of this world’s largesse and excess, its glamour and glitter. Instead, we’re meant to seek our worth, our value, our heart’s best in Him.

An aching, empty void inside is an indicator of our need of God. Because only He can fully satisfy a hungry soul with everything it’s truly longing for, even those as yet unrecognised needs deep within.

Sadly, we don’t always recognise our need of God and the way our cravings indicate an innate desire for His saving love. When we do turn to Him, we soon discover how God is more than enough, overwhelmingly lavish and generous in the way He gives to us.

Sometimes I have to rein in my appetite for worldly things, my desire for more books, clothes, shoes and household goods, or my longing for approval and acceptance from others.

These things are not intrinsically bad in themselves, but they can become idols if we let them. God wants to reveal the superabundance of His Kingdom life to us but we so often sit like beggars in rags, blind to the riches at our disposal.

It’s easy to get caught in the comparison trap, to focus more on what we’re missing out on or what we lack. Our insecure souls are constantly seeking affirmation, wanting to be seen and heard by those who matter to us.

God whispers gentle words of reassurance to our fretful hearts:

“Come to Me. Seek My more-than-enough grace and love. Stay in My presence until you are satiated on the inside, and return to Me as often as you need to. I will never deprive you of any good thing.”

If I need anything right now, then I need more time with God and more of His rest. And I desire less busyness, noise, distraction, weariness and stress. Maybe you do, too? Let’s aim to seek God’s face more frequently, so we can face the world with equanimity.

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