Do you ever grow weary in waiting? So much that we long for seems to stall, barely getting off the ground.

We spend quite a lot of our lives in an in-between zone, the place between where we are now and where we want to be.

It’s especially hard not to lose heart when God has given you a God-sized dream, something much bigger than you could handle alone.

[bctt tweet=”We become more dependent on God than ever as we trust an uncertain future to His trustworthiness.”]

Being weary in mind and heart can lead to feeling weak, tired and discouraged.

We want to know just when those dreams sown on the inside of us will reap their harvest.

Here’s the thing: I have learnt that God cannot be rushed. He may not be early but He is never late.

Whether we see it or not, God’s timing is impeccable, perfect, and also impossible to predict.

What tends to get forgotten is how our lives are part of a much larger cosmic plan.

And if we focus most on our relationship with God, He will give us rest and peace while we wait.

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Right now I am desperately weary, mostly physically. But I’m trying to stay at peace as I trust God’s promises to come to pass.

Over two years ago He whispered the focus of a book to me. It’s slowly been shaping itself as a collection of poetry which is currently at the point of assembling its disparate parts into a cohesive whole.

And friend, I feel scared to be getting closer to offering my work to public scrutiny…gulp!!

As I leafed through my prayer journal today my eyes fell on words I received two years ago. They helped restore hope to this insecure woman who still has a huge learning curve hill to climb.

My hope and prayer is that they will speak consolation and encouragement to your soul too…

Prayer Whisper: Weary in Waiting

capture the moment WoJ + Prayer Whisper

“My child, you have grown weary in waiting. So much time has elapsed between seed-sowing and harvest, you doubt and fear it will ever come. Your faith has been stretched to its limit and hangs like a frayed rope, fragile and depleted.

Breakthrough is nigh. Keep your faith as you focus on Me instead of on what you desire to come to pass. Trust My faithfulness to perform, not your own ability to hang on.

I am the ever-faithful One. My word will not return to Me void, but will accomplish the purpose for which I sent it. Dear one, you only need to place your hand in Mine and rest in My ability to achieve all things.

Be at peace while My plans gradually unfold. The future may look bleak or scary to you as you try to ascertain its coming and discern the shape of it.

Remember that I live outside time itself and see the end from the beginning. Nothing is a mystery to Me. Hold fast to what you know of My character and promises; hold fast to remembrance of those things I have already brought to pass, and believe I will see you through every circumstance you will encounter.

While you wait for the future to unfurl, keep listening to My voice, spending time in My Presence and treasuring My word in your heart.

Heed My instructions; yield your mind, will and emotions; lay down your perceptions and remain open to the new thing I am about to do. It will bring joy and blessing, hope and encouragement to you and to others.

I want you to be calm and ready to receive all I long to pour out into your life, and generous in how you share My goodness with others.”

weary in waiting - WoJ