My focus is fuzzy. I have myopic blur and the distortion of astigmatism. Both are easily remedied by wearing the right kind of lenses.

Even if brain-fog still swirls its mists in my mind, I can achieve a semblance of clarity. Life can be viewed in sharper focus than before. Though my inner focus can become clouded or wrongly directed at times.

Especially if I linger too long on Negativity Street, in dark alleyways of anxiety and corners of comparison. Joy and peace are common casualties of muddied meanderings in insecurity.

If our focus stays on our faults and failings rather than on the One whose mercy and forgiveness sets us free, then we can become lost in a fog of forgetfulness.

[bctt tweet=”It’s the focus of faith that needs to define, refine and shape our days.”]

We need to see ourselves in the mirror of God’s word. And to see how we are already made a new creation in Christ.

Because if we stay too focused on our fears, pain and distress, we can find ourselves feeling oppressed, sliding into discouragement or depression.

[bctt tweet=”I want to allow God’s word to reveal who I really am as my focus shifts to its healing Truth.”]

The truth of who we are

  • Beloved
  • Precious
  • Redeemed
  • Restored
  • Healed
  • Made whole

And so much more besides, as we discover when we dig deep into Scripture. Even now, as a work in progress, we can focus on believing we are who God says we are In Christ. And all we’re in the process of becoming as we rest in His goodness, mercy and grace. We can breathe more easily as we receive His gift of forgiveness and peace.

[bctt tweet=”Let’s aim to daily put on our spiritual lenses and begin to focus on what really matters.”]

Let’s focus more on God’s Truth as revealed in His word, on being joyfully Spirit-filled rather than worldly weary. Because when we focus on living in the light of eternity, it will help others to see God at work in and through us.

And when we do, God will tenderly take all the broken pieces of our splintered lives and create a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern that will be a marvel to behold.

focus kaleidoscope pin - WoJWhat helps you to shift your focus away from negativity?

How do you focus on seeing life clearly?

I’m joining fellow five-minute-friday word wranglers over at Kate Motaung’s site today where our focus is to pin words on a page in five minutes flat. This week’s prompt is ‘focus’.  Also linking with Barbie for #WeekendWhispers and with Mel for #essentialfridays.