I wake late to greet a new day, with mind and body reluctant, unwilling to rise.

I’m slow to thaw to the moment, to shake out of the huddle of sleep’s hibernation, blearily sipping coffee as I try to wake up.

It can be hard to greet a new day well when we feel exhausted and sleep-deprived.

Some days we need to deliberately turn away from problems and deliberately turn toward grace.

Try to see the gift wrapped up in each new day as opportunity to begin again.

As I sat with sadness this morning, overwhelmed by a world’s heavy weight of concern, wearied by weakness and pain, I alternately cried and prayed, calling out to the Lord for help to understand and cope.

He gently directed me to browse through my prayer journals and seek some solace there.

Hidden within was a poem I’d penned a few months ago which spoke of change I’m still going through…

Scale is slowly sloughing off

Barricades I hid behind are breaking

I’m in the process of release

from prisons of my own making

Hardening hurts are softening

Welded-in worries are peeling apart

because I’ve outgrown the carapace

I’d placed around my cold heart

And I realised how we shift and change, how pain is never as permanent as it may feel, whether our own or that of the world.

Maybe you too are in “the process of release” where it feels uncomfortable?

My friend, may I reassure both of us with this:

[bctt tweet=”We have hope of healing. We have peace in the releasing. We have fullness of freedom to come”]

Other words spoke into my weary soul, gave me renewed perspective and reminder of how much God has already whispered into my days.

Prayer Whisper: ‘Today is a new day’

capture the moment WoJ

“Today is a new day. Put the troubles of yesterday behind you.

My grace is new every morning. I will supply all that you need this day.

Don’t allow the problems and pain of the past  to sabotage today.

As you rest and trust in Me, I am already working on your behalf to bring clarity, wisdom and peace into the situations that worry and perplex you.

Take the manna, the bread I give you today. Eat and be satisfied.

Remember My goodness and faithfulness toward you in the past.

Hold onto what you know of My character through experience and in My word. Believe that My promises still hold true.

The very weakness and weariness you are experiencing is an open door for My strength to come through.

Lean on Me. I am solid Rock that is steadfast and immoveable.

I am Living Water to slake your thirst. I am all-sufficient for every need.

As you allow Me to hold you safe, feed you and equip you fully, you will be strengthened for the journey ahead.”

In this season of thanksgiving, we may have to make a real effort at times to remind ourselves of the gifts and grace God has given us today.

Our minds naturally veer toward the past or focus on hope for the future. We can easily miss the goodness of this day as we are living it.

What if we look a little harder, believe a bit better, live with greater gratitude and love a little stronger?

[bctt tweet=”What if we try to see God’s hand at work in our mundane moments, sense the sacred in the secular?”]

How would that affect our attitude of gratitude?

It’s something I’m working on as I aim to be more fully present to His Presence.

And I’d love you to share how you’re achieving deeper joy for the journey and appreciating each new day as it comes.