You’d think that resting would be second nature for me.

After all, it’s an essential part of living with M.E.

Doesn’t it just mean slowing down and pressing pause on busyness?

Resting also involves being still physically.

It means being intentional about stressing less.

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It’s about making time for seeking God’s face.

It’s what our restless souls need for refreshment and restoration.

Rest is a vital necessity for all of us and a way of refuelling during extra busyness.

And as we approach Advent, I sense God calling me to stop a while, to linger longer in His presence, to listen with greater intent.

Because I’ve been heeding obligations and commitments for too long, even if necessarily so.

Been in danger of making busy a badge of honour.

But I can only go on so long without becoming burnt out. Maybe you too?

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Perhaps this is a moment, a day or a week to seek to spend less time on social media and more time in prayer.

Be still before Him. Be at rest in every way.

In the coming aside, God renews and refreshes us inwardly and outwardly.

Here’s a prayer whisper about listening, responding and resting more intentionally.

May it be a blessing to you too.

Prayer whisper: ‘Intentional resting’

a-stilling-of-the-soul- prayer whisper WoJ-file

“Take time each day to commune with Me. Set apart moments to lift your heart heavenwards. For in stillness, rest and quiet lies your strength.

In seeking Me, you set the tone of your day as one of surrender to My will and ways. I do not hide Myself. I can always be found by hungry hearts who deliberately draw close to My side.

Be intentional about guarding your schedule to include soul-sanctuary seeking.

Devise your days with My guidance. Together we will accomplish so much more.

Dependency on Me isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of faithfulness and trust. The world will overwhelm you soon enough.

Come to Me for inner cleansing, for deep peace and for wisdom to know how to proceed. Lean on Me and learn from Me. I am humble and gentle of heart.

Let Me whisper words you need to hear. An instructed mind and tongue will become a blessing to others.

[bctt tweet=”Try not to rush into My Presence or hurry away without pausing to listen.”]

I know your every need before you ask Me for anything, and My greatest desire is to have an intimate, loving relationship with you.

Come close My child. There is no fear here. Perfect Love casts out fear. I am Holy and I am also tender, rich in mercy and grace.

I will heal, restore, fill to overflowing and provide for you beyond your wildest dreams.

Trust Me to take very good care of you with My infinite goodness, patience and love.”

This season is one of potential extra busyness; it’s also one that lends itself well to contemplation. A time for stillness, rest and reflection.

How do you intend to approach Advent? 

Have you got specific plans for this special time?

Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

I have some ideas I hope to share with you here.

Maybe together we can work out wise ways to celebrate Christ’s coming into the world.