Why do we fear doubt? It can be a good thing.

It isn’t a sign of a weak or faltering faith.

We look at ‘Doubting Thomas’ and often despise him for his seeming weakness.

Wonder why he couldn’t just accept, believe like the other disciples.

Why did he demand and require proof?

I think it’s because his story gives us permission to question.

He paves the way for us to live comfortably with our concerns.

To raise those awkward questions, even as we live into the answers to come.

Doubting isn’t a dread disease or a certain sign of weak faith.

It’s an honest probing. A seeking after Truth.

A drawing close enough to put our fingers into nail-scarred hands which poured out sacrificial blood.

To believe better by reaffirmation. To receive by personal investigation.


To prise apart the worries and fears in our hearts, break through to holy wonder.

Yes, doubt can sit heavy, stir us inwardly. But if we let it, doubt will lead us to explore a God-given desire to know more.

More of love’s embrace.

More of the wondrous gift of grace.

More awe that leaves us weeping at Jesus’ feet.

Yes, He is risen.

Yes, He is really alive.

Yes, He is Lord of all.

Yes, He is Saviour and Lord of my life.

Yes, He is One to worship and adore.

We can thank God for drawing us nearer in our explorations.

Doubt can be our friend if we let it, as long as we don’t sit with it too long or allow it to take root in our hearts instead of opening us up to grace.

These thoughts were inspired by pondering this week’s five-minute-friday word of ‘doubt’. I’m joining in with the wonderful wordsmiths community over at Kate’s place where we write out our heart thoughts just as they come in 5 minutes flat. Come join us? 

**Note** – You can read the Doubting Thomas story here and see what you think about it. Different Bible translations can offer a fresh perspective.