As I lay beneath cerulean blue canopy of sky I watched as the sun was playing hide and seek, darting in and out from blanket clouds as if it were shy, uncertain of being seen.

The sky can hide its glory sometimes from mortal eyes, conceal before a swift reveal reminds us to watch closely, become awed all over again.

It’s been a summer more memorable for sun’s absence than her stunning us with brightness. But this was a moment to soak up the last late summer hurrah before leaves crisped autumnal and warmth removed itself from these easterly shores.

My beloved busied himself with hammer, nails and saw as he wrought wood into a labour of love for his family, turning pallet into steps.

So I snatched an opportunity to bathe in sun’s rays and appreciate our son’s garden to the full.

Now blowing hot and cold  as wind whipped swift to stir delicate plants into a dance, turn lawn into a rippling lake of green while daisies nodded to the tune of the unseen.

Sun returned a volley of hot stilling shots to gain victory for a while as I marvelled at creation’s continual games.

It may seem small sometimes when changes are barely discernible, though seasons of growth or decay arrest our attention in different ways.

I don’t know about you, but I want to seek the hidden things, to dive deep, to see life and to see it whole, centre, edges and all.

I long to appreciate this world of whispering divine hide and seek found here and everywhere.

And the more I pause to ponder the abundance poured out in creation, the more I wonder if we’re really looking, noticing and listening with intent.

Can we discover more than mundane written into our week?

Do we perceive the buzz of bees, activity of industrious ants, capers of butterflies, to name but a few?

Can we slow down enough to gaze at skies with appreciation in our eyes for the daily light-show God provides?

Take a moment (or more) to witness buds burst into rich blossom froth, slowly unfurl into fresh curled leaves before they fall to our feet like crunchy russet and gold confetti.

Maybe when we pause from the pull of our ‘to do‘ lists and life’s endless busyness, maybe we will find ourselves become rapt with a world already wrapped with wonder as it speaks out loud of God’s grace.

Maybe we can try to seek and find those things which previously seemed hidden.

I don’t want to hide from God’s goodness, no. Rather, let me seek it with my whole heart, run after His mercy like a drowning woman, seek out the comfort of His love like a hurting child.

Because the more we look at creation, the more we seek the seemingly little things of life to add joy to our days, the more we will be awed by the hand that made them and seek more earnestly after Him.

And a thankful, grateful heart will have a greater appreciation for the plentiful gifts God bestows on His children.

Mostly, we are the ones doing the hiding and God is seeking after us. He longs to bring us home to His heart, invite us into His kingdom and lavish His gifts on us.

Soon we discover there is always so much more left to be discovered.

Treasures mined in darkness to seek out in God’s word, and warmth enough for us to want to stay in the restfulness of His embrace rather than hide ourselves away.

hide and seek pin WoJ