There are weary  days where energy is low, inspiration seems to disappear and I feel empty of words, drained and dry.

Time and effort are being expended elsewhere and there seems to be nothing to spare.

Then a thought or two enters my head and I mull them around in my mind, grant them space to breathe a while.

Maybe I can write something after all.. perhaps a poem is waiting to come alive?

So I sat down with this week’s five-minute-friday prompt ‘learn’ and began to put pen to paper.

And what emerged was a writing learning curve for me in surrender to the words hidden deep within, not those I had expected to flow at all.


Life is art, craft and poem rolled into one.

How can I learn the sublime way to rhyme?

How do I seek to make art with my life?

Maybe the secret lies inside my soul.

An unfurling, becoming, a stretching toward whole.

Each thought, every tiny step of faith I take teaches me to reach for better things.

Life’s lessons cannot be swallowed verbatim.

Not easily digested or come by without some shift, some ache, some sting.

We have to learn slow, to grow into depth. 

To mellow into maturity, be broken into beauty.

And never lose the essential core of who we are.

Because God has planted a seed within which only flowers with watering from Him.

As I learn to lean harder, fall softer, rise stronger, give freer, hear low soul notes chime and sense God’s footsteps inside my heart, maybe then I will find I am become poet, art and rhyme.

His hand will guide all who surrender their lives to Him.

The willingness to learn comes like bud releasing to sun.

Washed in waters of grace, we finally find our soul’s home place.


Writing is always a learning curve as we wait for words to come,  maybe sit with some a while, or let them fly free as God urges us to allow them to spread their wings.

And no less so whenever I prepare to roll with the flow as I join in with fellow wordsmith friends at Kate Motaung’s place. You’re very welcome to come on over, read the great posts there, gather your courage and write with us.

The results are a gift of grace and an offering in this lovely supportive community.

Yes, even when we feel our words have stalled. Because God knows how to release them all. He alone knows who needs to receive them, who will be blessed by our faithfulness.

I didn’t plan to write today. We have family staying over and life is more hectic than usual. Then our toddler grandson decided to take a long nap, tired out as he was after his 5.30 am start to the day. And I’m grateful to have some words to share after all!

Also linking up with Weekend Whispers over at Barbie’s place. Come on over and see what God is whispering to surrendered souls.

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