It is said that the mirror seldom lies. Or does it?

What if the reflection we see isn’t really a true representation of you and me?

We are far more than the sum of our parts and a glancing gaze in glass.

We are spirit, soul and body, yet it’s often the body which tends to claim major attention.

Because we feel so much through it, sense our world and perceive our place in it.

But we can fail to fully appreciate the beauty we have within us as we are framed within the mirror of God’s word.

We can be clouded in our judgement and oblivious to how God sees us. In His eyes we are beautiful to behold because He views us through His Son.

Our lives can be so circumscribed by circumstances we forget who we really are in the midst of the mess and mayhem of existence.

Until we sense God calling, making Himself known in a million little ways to encourage weary, burdened hearts to turn to Him in acknowledgement of who we are and Whose we are.

And sometimes? Sometimes He speaks a clear word to refresh and revive His hurting child.

Today, I am sharing a prayer whisper God gave me about how we are His precious dwelling.

He chooses to reside inside our hearts and live out through a physical body, transformed, grace-filled will and a redeemed and renewed mind in order to bring hope and encouragement to those who see and sense His Presence within.

Prayer Whisper:Precious dwelling

roses fading WoJ

“You are My rose, My beautiful beloved. Lovely to behold within the sharp thorns of your circumstances.

Though you feel faded, worn, with petals drooping low to ground, you are still fresh and vital in My eyes. And when those delicate petals become trampled on, crushed and torn they release their sweetest perfume.

It rises to Me as incense, offering and prayer. Your tears are like drops of dew, pearls that glisten in My Light. I capture them all and treasure each one. For it is when you are weak, weary, broken and distressed in the world’s eyes that you are very precious and beautiful to Me.

Because I see beyond all outward appearance to your heart, and its desperate longing is one I hurry to answer.

Nothing escapes My attention, and I hear the silent cries of your heart, sense the desperation within and know how much I yearn to fill all those broken, empty spaces with My Love and Peace.

As you turn toward Me and allow Me entry, I will gradually fill all the emptiness, woundedness and weak places inside of you.

Then you will bloom again, become refreshed and radiant with My indwelling Presence. Your ruined walls will be rebuilt with a secure foundation, with the Chief Cornerstone in place.

And you will be held together and strengthened by My Spirit. My glory will be your light; it will shine as a beacon for others and as an invitation to taste of My grace.”

My friend, maybe like me, you have days where you sigh and turn away from your reflection in a mirror?

Maybe you feel less than and not enough, unworthy and ugly on the inside?

Then maybe you need to read, receive and remember these 5 vital things:

  • You and I have beauty within because we are made in God’s image
  • We are slowly being transformed to become more like Jesus in our character and behaviour as we yield our lives to Him
  • His grace and radiance fill and flood our hearts and minds as we saturate them with His life-affirming word
  • God loves you Just As You Are and in the messy middle of all you are still becoming
  • His strength is made perfect in our weakness and He shines best through our brokenness

We may feel faded and jaded but God still sees us as His precious dwelling from which His light can shine forth. We are beautiful to behold and dearly beloved.

Let’s try to hold onto that thought in the week ahead when the enemy of our souls tries to suggest otherwise, yes? Then maybe we can smile at the reflection we see.

rose WoJ pin