When life tips us sideways we want something strong to hold onto.

A solid Rock to cling to.

Hope is: Holding Onto Promises Expressed

It’s a confident expression of faith in God’s word, His promises, timing, will and unconditional love, whereby we are able to stay stable and at peace in a restless, troubled world.

Hope sees beyond the horizon, believes the impossible, accepts the incredible and lives into the miraculous.

Hope stands guard at the door of our hearts, giving faith admittance and shutting out fear.

Hope rises above all circumstances, seeing and accepting grace in life’s dark places.

Hope never gives up, no matter how bleak things look.

Hope holds onto fraying rope, sure of a safe landing and God’s arms of love reaching out to hold secure.

Hope has mastered living with mystery while rooted in certainty and history.

Hope brings comfort when all looks hopeless, singing soft into the night, reminding us of light’s power to overcome darkness.

Hope breathes in Holy Spirit promises and breathes out beautiful expectation before they are fulfilled.

Hope rises phoenix-bold from the ashes, defiant and deliberate, planting firm feet of faith into God’s Word spoken, seen, revealed and heard.

Hope hears a heart’s aching cries and answers with courage and confidence, while learning to live with the ‘what if?’ and the ‘why?’ of today.


Honoured to be joining with friends for the creative outpouring in community which comprises five-minute-friday. We meet up weekly at Kate Motaung’s place to write brave and free. Today’s prompt is:‘Hope’ Come and join us?