Sometimes a word appears in due season. A word meant to be shared.

Flowing freely as it invades the mind with inspiration.

A touch and gift of grace.

Such is the word I’m sharing today as I join in with the liberating, free-form creative writing exercise which is five minute friday.



I want you to know these things:

God hasn’t hidden Himself from you.

Creation breathes His Presence.

The Word made flesh made His mark on the cross.

Nailed Himself indelibly to mankind.

Paved a pathway of freedom for you and me.

Abides closer than our next breath

And is only a prayer away.

God intends us to live within the riches of His forgiveness and grace.

To break out of our stony heart’s carapace.

To live and love and give.

Your life matters.

Your words matter.

Your voice needs to be heard.

Don’t hide your light. Allow it to shine glory-bright.

Write out your story to His praise and glory.

Pour out your pain and shame.

Because in the opening you will begin to be

set free as you share your frail humanity.

Let the breathings of your heart and the bleeding of your pen

become the unravelling of Hope to lift and encourage, reveal

and help other wounded souls to heal

on their journey to becoming whole”


On a day when pain is all pervasive and my mind fogged with M.E fatigue, I am thankful for the surprising gift of words to weave.

And if God can inspire this dim and faltering wick, then He will do the same for you too.

You can write. You can shine for Jesus. Just where you are.

The prayer below is free for you to pin and share.