This is the season for giving thanks, gifts and resources ~ and getting too, as some might gleefully say.

This is the time to spend, spend, spend.. then ruefully pay, pay, pay.

As our circumstances have altered over the years, I have learnt to cut my cloth to suit my means.

And that’s been hard at times because I love to give gifts, especially to my loved ones, family and friends.

But it doesn’t end or even begin with spending money, does it? Giving encompasses so much more.

The best form of giving is from the heart, willing, open, generous and sincere.

Thankfully, we all have myriad means at our disposal to give to others, no matter how limited our resources, health or energy may be.

We can give:

  • Our time
  • A listening ear
  • Intercessory prayer
  • A word of encouragement
  • Friendship and fellowship
  • Support, a hand to hold
  • Cakes, cards and creative gifts
  • Food parcels or vouchers
We can share:
  • Ourselves, our stories
  • Our time
  • Our creativity and skills
  • Our faith journey
  • Our hope in Christ
  • A cup of coffee or a meal
I’m sure you can think of many more things to give and to share.The ways and means are as endless and creative as our imagination will allow.

 We can reveal the ‘give-without-counting-the-cost’ aspects of God’s kingdom in the way we live and love, give and care for others.
Just search your heart, pray, and ask God what you have within you to give to others.
There are ways to be a giver all year round; it’s not just for Christmas time.
And here’s the thing:Some of those blessings you give out? Well, they may return to you with interest, because that’s the sort of generous God we have.
He multiplies all things at His hands.
All gifts of grace are generously given in order to be returned unto others, and given back to us too in some mysterious, divine holy alchemy.
Our challenge is to be both generous, cheerful givers and gracious, humble, grateful recipients too. And to aim to reveal Jesus in all we say, think and do.

Which is the theme of the video below of ‘Do Something’ by Matthew West, taken from the album ‘Into the Light’.

I’m linking here today with Kate for #FMF where we are writing brave and free with the prompt:‘Give’. You are warmly invited and encouraged to take part.