Several days have passed in a cloud of unknowing.

Mists of time where I have lost sense of God’s presence.

Drifted away within a haze of pain, a plethora of painkillers and a fog of fatigue.

I’ve felt too weary to pray, to read, to converse, or be seen.

But God…

He held me closer than the sharp darts of pain.

He kept me safe when I failed to notice His Presence.

He reminded me of My great need of His grace.

He whispered words of comfort to my aching, frustrated heart.

This too shall pass. No pain is ever permanent or permanently as relentless as this.

No suffering could steal me away from His hands. He is just a breath, a prayer away.

He is ever close to the hurting, the weak, the weary, the discouraged and the needy.

And He reassured me His love for me wasn’t based on my performance, effort, ability or the lack thereof.

God loves us Just As We Are right now, and as we are continually changing into all He intends us to become.

As the fog of forgetfulness, pressure of persistent pain and cloak of weakness began to lift a little today, God also reminded me I still have a voice.

I still have a mission. I still have a word to share. I still have work to do for Him.

A way to encourage others going through tough times.

The key is to keep on listening, keep on trusting, keep on seeking after God’s heart, rest where necessary and believe that words will flow when they should.

Now armed with a bit of Holy Spirit-given awareness, peace and energy, I am sharing words God whispered close to me in prayer over a week ago and brought to my remembrance today.

May they help, bless, encourage and reassure you too.

Prayer Whisper:’Regaining joy and peace’
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, My child. I see your heart. I know you long to live differently and regain peace and joy.
Your wanderings have shown you that seeking such things in the world is fruitless; you
will only come up empty every time.
The fleeting happiness it offers is rapidly replaced by the sour fruit of envy and comparison, disappointment, doubt and discouragement, sorrow and sadness.
Full, true, lasting joy is only to be found in Me. I have an unstoppable flow running from My throne.
Come closer; lift your weary head and seek the light of My countenance.
In My Presence is fullness of joy for ever more. Come bathe in My Love-light. Let it fill and flood your very being.
There is nothing to be afraid of; there is no darkness here. I bring you hope  and healing, and freedom from despair.
Come freely; come frequently.
Allow My Spirit to fill you to overflowing so that there is blessing to give out to others.
I long for your company, for you to share every aspect of your day and life with Me.
There is always a warm welcome here, no matter what has transpired.
I offer the mercy, forgiveness, cleansing and restoration you need to heal all your brokenness.
Lay your burdens at My feet and leave them there. Don’t be tempted to pick them up again once you go about your day. I will take care of them, carry every single one and answer every need.
Trust Me to look after each tiny detail of your life. Nothing is too small to bring to
Me, not too heavy for Me to handle. I am your Burden-bearer and the lifter of your head.
Release them all into My hands and be freed to live lightly and joyfully again”
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