Sometimes you grasp a book in your hands and sense it was written just for you ~ heart to heart.
You’ll find yourself wanting to add numerous memory jogging highlights and underlining to what feels more like a private journal than anything else.
C.S Lewis said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another:”What! You too? I thought that no one but myself..” Right from the start the author feels like a good friend, so frequent are the ‘You too?’ moments within it.

Jennifer Dukes Lee’s warm, engaging prose, intimate sharing, open vulnerability and heartfelt message also invite trust and reassuring confidence.
Here is a woman who is still a ‘work in progress’ and willing to admit it. She eagerly desires for others to join her in seeking to identify and demolish their own love idols.
So what is a ‘love idol’ Primarily, whatever rules our hearts is at risk of “becoming our lord” when “instead of resting in the love and approval of an unseen God, we chase after the temporary pleasures of human validation” 
People-approval issues are so widespread that it begs the question:How on earth do we overcome them? Insightful, God-inspired suggestions (based on her own tried and tested application) are heavily strewn throughout this book.
We are encouraged to see ourselves as already pre-approved. Together, as co-pilgrims, we can learn how to surrender “our need for human approval in exchange for a godly approval that is already bought and paid for.”
Whether you are in the first flush of youth or the hot flush of mid-life, male or female, this book is relevant for all.
These issues can plague our lives and cause enormous stress and strain until we have awareness and insight into their devastating consequences and find the means to address them.
We don’t have to live lives plagued and tormented, held captive to the fluctuating opinions of others or wearied and discouraged by our low self-esteem.
There is hope at hand.
There is grace to help.
There is freedom to be gained.
We can discover our true identity in Christ.
“Every small death of an idol is another tiny resurrection of our identity in Christ” ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee ‘Love Idol’
Are you ready?
I will continue sharing my journey in the overcoming of love idols over at You can check out my progress there.
There is a growing, supportive Facebook community to help you along the way.
Jennifer’s site has plenty of information about her own journey and shared stories of how others are walking this pathway.
You can order the book on Amazon by clicking here.
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