One of the hardest things we have to do in life is to wait for things.

As an instant gratification society, waiting seems anachronistic and decidedly unwelcome.

Shouldn’t everything happen straightaway at the push of a button? Not necessarily. The best things in life are worth waiting for.

Waiting on God is challenging. We know He is always busy behind the scenes with bringing His plans for our lives to fruition.

Only, it can all take so long. We wonder if we’ve been forgotten about.

Our hearts grow weary. Our hope withers and dies. Our faith feels misplaced.

Answers to prayer can be especially hard to hold on for. I’ve waited for healing (amongst other things) for many years.

My friend, you are far from alone. I know how it feels. And, more importantly, so does God.

He sees, hears, understands and is ready and able to come alongside us in our questioning.

His wisdom and discernment help us to judge when time is ripe to move ahead. So, let’s consider our position:

If…you have been sitting in the same place so long you’ve grown roots

If…you feel left out, neglected, overlooked, alone

If…seasons come and go and yours has never come

If…others are receiving all the breaks, the kudos, the applause

Then this prayer may be for you…

‘A Prayer for those in waiting’

We sit as dormant seeds,
bulbs brown-ugly
bursting with promise
of life, beauty, energy, growth,
sweet fragrance stirring to be released,
buried ~ deep darkness surrounding within, without
in soil that hangs heavy, clinging and clogging,
choking us when we try to rise above it.


Surely we were planted
with a hope of seeing Spring,
with life and potential welling up within,
with goodness seeking to be expressed
with Your hands guiding us in place
and selecting only best?
If that is so, how can we still be waiting
for our moment to arrive,
for life to erupt from what is sealed,
for transformation and change
for Your glory to be revealed?
We watch, curious, with envy half-concealed
as neighbouring plants grow green,
shooting strong and true,
their foliage shades our light
their colours vivid we can see
and we wonder what on earth
You have created us to be.


Tangled up in troubles for today
and shackled by worries for tomorrow,
muddied by a morass of mishaps
sullied by sickness and sorrow,
discouraged by dis-ease of every kind
our lives feel barren and fruitless,
our hearts weary and resigned.

Until You call and we bend an ear
to a Voice we long to hear,
the balm for every doubt
the solace for every fear.
This is no accident, my child,
your roots dig deep to draw from wells
of Grace and Love, of Faith and Trust.

If all were easy would it mean so much?
If all were simple would you wait on Me?
If all were quick would you tarry here?
If all was show and substance
would you hang around?
I plant you where in due time I choose
you’ll have no thorny ground.

I plant you so that come The Day
you will reflect My Light
your colours will glow bright
working through the soil of pain
pushing up to make a mark
and bring glory to My Name.



For My best work is done in darkness
slow, but sure and strong.
So don’t give up
and don’t despair
if it all takes so long,
for I don’t give up on you
~ rising strong and true.



“I am still confident of this:I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord’ be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” ~ Psalm 27:13-14

**Confession** ~ This poetic prayer sat dormant in draft form waiting for such a time as this. I had so many areas of life I could have written about for:“You are not alone” {living with M.E and chronic illness, being housebound, overcoming abuse and depression etc.} but God reminded me of this entry and the fact that so many of His beloved children grow weary in waiting to see change.
My hope and prayer is that you will be blessed and encouraged in the reading of it.
And know that you are definitely not alone in whatever you may be going through.
Joining here with Holley, Michelle, and Jennifer