Welcome friend.

I’m so pleased you are here.

In this space I want to share coffee for your heart.

Drink in whatever troubles you.

Offer a listening ear and a hand to hold.

Share the things that bless and encourage me.

Be someone you can feel at home with.

So kick off your shoes, pick up your coffee (or tea if you prefer), make yourself comfy and get ready.

We’ll share coffee, comfort and encouragement.

Today, I have a letter to write you…

Dear You,
I see the pain you try to hide behind words and smiles, because deep in the windows of your soul you carry a weight of woundedness.

Despite evidence to the contrary, you don’t feel truly loved or validated.

Nothing really fills the gaping space where trust, safety and security should be.

It feels easier to erect walls around yourself than allow anyone close admittance to your inner core. Fortifications. Defences. Build them high enough and no mere mortal can scale them.

Until someone reaches out and breaches your defences, and you notice how hedged in you really are.

My friend, this was my life for many years. 

I lived scared. Hid the pain. Refused to recognise how I’d closed off my heart.

On the surface we can seem fine, in control, content even. On the inside? When we’re on our own? We curl away as foetal-curved commas withdrawing from ourselves and the world around.

There is help. There is hope. We don’t have to hide anymore. 

God is here. He is ready, willing and able to enter into our pain, help us face the walls; and as we co-labour with Him in their removal..brick by tiny brick…they come down and we are set free.

His unconditional Love ~ is our security.

His sacrifice on the cross ~ the doorway to forgiveness and mercy.

His Spirit within ~ our shelter and safe place.

His grace ~ our enabling and equipping.

His Life ~ becomes as one~ with our life ~ as we open up to Him ~ like a flower to the sun.


These are the encouraging words and thoughts I want you to hear as we start a new year: {and believe me, I need to hear them too}:

  • Absorb the truth of who you are ~ beautiful and beloved.
  • Know deep in your heart ~ you are safe always.
  • Hold on ~ to the reassurance that you can be set free.
  • Sense deeply within ~  you are special, precious to God and loved beyond measure.
  • Believe ~ you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
  • Fight on ~ whenever the going gets tough. Because God fights for you and will never give up on you. 
  • Listen to His voice.
  • Hear the heartbeat of God soothing your own.
  • Come close to the throne of grace and find mercy in your hour of need.

Healing and wholeness are there for the taking.

Are you ready? I hope so. It may take time. I’m still very much a ‘work in progress’ in this area as in many, but we all have to start somewhere.

This could be the year you open up your heart to all that God has in store for you. 

God’s arms of love are reaching out to you, just as we reach out to our own loved ones to hold them safe and close.

I close with today’s #smallstone offering {part of the 31 day Mindful Writing Challenge} to bless your heart:

‘Arms of love’
“Arms of love encircle me
holding secure and steady
as I finally exhale, release
breathe soft and calm
feeling prepared and ready
to accept and believe
hear and receive
that as beloved arms
encompass round
God’s Spirit hovers
without a sound yet
speaking things He wants
to urgently impart
into the very depths
of my insecure heart
saying, “You are safe. You are loved. 
You are beautiful. You are enough.
You are free ~ just trust in Me”
Joining here with Holley and all the other lovely encouragers who want to share ‘Coffee for Your Heart’. Do join us next Wednesday for more words of reassurance and encouragement.

Holley has written a lovely encouraging book:’‘If we could have coffee ~ 30 Days of Heart to Heart Encouragement’ that will really help lift the January blues.


And here’s a great resource that has aided me in the process of working on removing the walls around my heart and becoming free ~ ‘The Wall Around Your Heart’ by Mary de Muth.

Also linking with Emily and Jennifer as we seek to write out our #ImperfectProse to #TellHIsStory