In this busy season for writing lists and buying gifts, we try to decide what to give others and may wonder what we’ll receive in return. Although not every gift is a welcome one.
God handed me a gift I have failed to receive graciously, denied I’d been given,
tried to ignore, declined to unwrap or accept.
He gave me the gift of fragility and weakness.
People aren’t exactly queueing up to ask or pray for it.
I mean, how is that even a gift? Isn’t it more like a punishment?
On the outside, observing the life of a person with M.E and chronic illness which
incapacitates physically and mentally, impacts every activity and causes profound fatigue, pain and weakness ~ well, who in the world would want to receive it?
Isn’t this one to hand back to God with a, “No thanks, you must be mistaken”? Which
is just how we feel about so many painful and challenging circumstances.
Only…I am beginning to appreciate that He allows these things into our lives
for a reason. And I’m starting to…
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