Welcome to the challenging creative writing exercise that is Five Minute Friday.

Here we watch words fall as they will and try to catch them on the way, pinning them to page before they are lost.

It’s always a nice surprise to read back and see how we have been inspired in a limited time frame with a one word prompt.

Today’s prompt is:‘Last’


Seen from above

Look up…

You may be drowning in a mountain of debt
living in a lonely tent of discouragement
worrying about how to survive today, never mind tomorrow
uncertain how to pray when sick, full of grief or sorrow
concerned about how your many needs can be met


Nothing we see here is permanent
there is a way to live and love, even when
you feel drained and empty, dry with thirst
for in the upside-down kingdom the
 first will be last and the last first
as heavenly life seen from below
is very different viewed from above

Hold on…

Even when you feel you cannot last another day
for this too shall pass in time to come
and these circumstances won’t always hold sway
Don’t let the world make you weary 
and sad as you listen to its mournful
dreary tune in your head

Take hold…

of the promises in God’s word
the ones you have received and heard
as He speaks to your heart.
You may feel you’re at the end of your rope
bottom of the pile and out of hope
but He sees you by His side, forever loved, 
cherished, a winner – not disqualified
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