Welcome to another Five Minute Friday writing exercise where we spill forth words in 5 minutes flat and watch them fall with no worry about perfection, over-thinking or marinading.

Today’s prompt is:‘Belong’


Where I belong

Childhood didn’t fit
 with illegitimate
writ large across my life
until they did the decent thing
 and became husband and wife
Mind and body abused,
unwanted, neglected and
used, so I escaped
into words
wrote out my heart
longing to belong 
as friends proved fickle
to this extrovert-shy 
child heart looking 
to be a part
one of the crowd
not stand-out alone
when face and form didn’t fit
selection for a sporting team
and being accepted
remained a distant dream
I gave all I had
yet secret things
remained locked up
with feeling sad 
and bad in my own
and others’ eyes
no athletic glory
nor academic prize
and yet I yearned
to be accepted
just as I am
Then a Voice 
whispered close
drew me in 
with cords of love
 and forgiveness 
for my sin
full acceptance
and understanding 
of everything
my life of pain 
and mess
Now unfurling 
as plant to sun
with tendrils of trust
leaning close 
to Father’s heart
the One True Place
where I belong
in His embrace
lifted and held
each day by 
fresh outpourings
of love and grace
with fears 
of being an outsider
no longer holding sway
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