Our lives are so often in desperate need of R & R – rest and relaxation.

How we ever keep going on so little sleep is a wonder indeed.

Even on days off from work commitments we can fail to rest or relax fully, as the demands of family and home life (enjoyable as they are) can completely take over our time and rob us of vital energy.

Enjoying undisturbed sleep remains an unachievable goal for another day….not too far ahead…please!
For now, muddling through is the name of the game; drugged with fatigue, desperate for slumber, living hyped on adrenaline, failing to switch off and recharge – these are the norm for many.
When you add physical illness into the equation, then nights spent on red alert with pain, soreness and stiffness can become our reality.
Our minds can also derail our good intentions by upsetting the sleep cycle when they are consumed with worry, fear and anxiety.
For some, the solution is found in self-help remedies:soothing herbal teas, avoiding coffee late in the day, having a nightcap, altering the diet, taking up new hobbies and interests, and seeking measures to alleviate stress and strain by natural or pharmacological means.
I’ve tried the lot with varying degrees of success in over 20 years of insomnia and sleep dysfunction.
But what helps me the most is looking to the One who created my body and understands its needs better than I do.
So I pray.

It relaxes and refreshes as God ministers deep within.

Even when sleep remains elusive, the mind and spirit can be at rest from relaxing in God’s care and protection.

It’s worth a try.
Why don’t you have a go?

Here’s a prayer to help you get started:

A Prayer for rest


“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him” ~ Psalm 62:5

Dear Lord,

When sleep elusive
sits heavy
on gritty, burning eyes
with pain intrusive
causing limbs and lips 
to stir and sigh
and weariness conducive
only for bed-resting
provoking endurance 
and patience testing,
then hold me close
as night slips fast
away and skies 
betray the hours
turning into day.
Partner me in quiet
calm me in this storm
where all is dark and torn
with misery and worry
throwing life asunder…
Lord, hold me steady
be my Rock
my stillness
all-encompassing world
in the swirl
and thunder.
“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, he is my fortress, I shall never be shaken” ~ Psalm 62:1-2

What helps you best to rest and relax?

How do you cope when life feels overwhelming?
Please feel free to share in the comments below.
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