Life is rarely all (or even 50)shades of grey. We have a rich palette of experiences that colour our world with light, delicate hues or vivid shades that stain deep.

Purple is one of my favourite colours and it happens to be the one used to symbolise Fibromyalgia too.

For those with Fibromyalgia their world is pierced dark with unrelenting pain.

As an M.E/CFS sufferer I also have accompanying Fibromyalgia, (you can click here to find out what it is) which is sadly an all too common addition to our already depleting and debilitating symptoms.

It is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day in the UK on May 12th and this poem is written to honour the occasion.

of Purple

Ringed black and blue
visible wounding
heavy bruised stain
seeping into skin
with tender throb of pain.
But you wound internal
pulsating deep
Fibro’ fingers
prodding, poking, pain
that always lingers.
Morning stiff
to greet the dawn
making body stumble
movement slow
with risk of tumble.
Purple prose
swallowed down
as limbs grind painful
muscles sore, gait unsteady,
awkward, shameful.
Echoes of dark
bleeding out of day
escorting in the night
with sleep-elusive sigh
as body seizes tight.
Purple-coloured robes
draping royal and holy
  mantle of love
covering aches and pains
with grace from above.
Shades of purple
tinged with layers of faith,
bringing strength and healing
as God’s heavenly light
shines with Hope revealing.

No matter how sick we may be there is always hope for improvement and healing.
Until that happens, we support and encourage one another as best we can.
A Prayer

Father, we struggle at times to endure
 hardship and pain that has no cure.
We long so much for it all to end,
  for relief to come, as we stoop and bend.
Grant us grace and strength to persevere,
continuing to know that You are so near
a simple heart’s cry is already heard
even if we do not utter a word.
In the darkest nights we fail to rest
and have many days when we’re far from our best.
Weakness and weariness play their part 
in bringing discouragement to make us lose heart.
Lift and encourage us when we feel sad 
during those moments when pain’s really bad.
For you are the One who we turn to in need
and You help to heal and make all pain recede.
Thank you.

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May God bless and give you His peace until we meet again.