This my day for parachute jumping, going into free-fall as I leap into space, scrambling for words before they fall to the ground.

All par for the course with Five Minute Friday where we allow words to fall where they will and hope to catch a few to share.

Today’s prompt is: JUMP



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I’m not a natural risk-taker. Safe. Secure. 
That’s how I like my world to be in general.
As child I stood with mingled dread and delight
of anticipation as I waited my turn to jump into the 
swinging rope swaying and arcing before me.
The tune got louder, rope snapped faster and heart beat wildly
as I leapt, hoping to make it before rope caught ankles
instead and we both cascaded 
in a pooled loop of humiliation 
to the ground.
Further scary leaping and jumping took place in exploration 
of condemned building sites where feet rocked unsteady.
Later, age 17, I made the biggest leap of my life.
A leap of faith. My whole being 
straight into Abba Father’s outstretched arms. 
Caught. Held safe.
Secure in the swinging of my emotions.
Daily smaller leaps of faith stretch and challenge still.
Though God provides the means to make them.
Now, any leaping, skipping or jumping 
is confined to the realm of the mind, heart and spirit, 
for body finds even walking a challenge.
But I keep on making the leap,
with my daily life and with my writing.
And God keeps catching me as I arrive
breathless with gratitude
 into His loving embrace once more,
with no fear of snaking ropes around me.
He’s ready and waiting for you to leap too

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