Another foray into Five Minute Friday to give my brain and creativity a bit of a work-out this morning.

We write:for 5 minutes flat, no editing, no tweaking or self-critiquing. 

Today’s word is ‘After’.


After – A New Era

Cross empty

All over

Tomb empty

Sin defeated

Broken lives made new

Yet…it all takes time

Scars remain from damaged bodies, hearts and minds

After-effects linger on 

After-shocks of abuse and trauma 

cannot be fully erased here

though we wish they could

We live in the After Zone

the ‘here-but not-here-yet’ of the Kingdom.

Not a disaster zone

He is here

We have Love, Life, Hope

We have His Spirit

We have His Grace 

changing us from glory to glory.

We are Resurrection People

We are those who came after the 12

Disciples following our Lord and Master

One Day…

there will be a New Era

after all has passed.

Christ will return in glory

A new Dawn


there will be no more tears or pain

for they’ll be former things passed away.

Rainbows after rain

Sweetness after pain

Fullness of Joy in His Presence

I can’t wait for that ‘Happy Ever After’ day to come

when He sees us 

and we see Him as He Is

Are you ready?
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