“Dreams are the seeds of creative reality” ~ Anon


It began…
with vague ideas swimming through clouded, crowded thoughts
misted heavy with scepticism and soft-whisper in our hearts that we hear, 
though we hesitate: This? Me? Now? Really?
Until it pulses strong, a throb in tune with every beat
 of our being that we can no longer ignore.
Circulating in mind, soul and spirit, this germinating seed 
wants to take root in fertile soil of faith and hope.

This fragile, tiny speck teeming with life and potential 
now captured and held, watered and fed with encouragement,
supported and staked round by Sisterly Sharing,
a calling out of dreams as confidence swells and seeds take root.
Surrounded by voices of faith who cajole and carry 
these tender shoots nurtured in hearts united in purpose.
Watch them grow with grace-filled words
with leaves of love, stems of gratitude, hope-filled centres
unfurling and blooming before our very eyes
as we marvel at what we are creating…
It continues…

as winds of adversity blow and threaten, weeds surround to choke and stifle, waves of weariness and ditches of discouragement seek to drown out 
the very life of what has already come and appeared to be thriving.
Storms pass and we cling on, secure in knowing we hold each other firm, pushing out strong canes of confidence to stabilise one another, plant leaning against plant – our dreams survive for another day.

It is God Himself who gave this seed to us.
He will protect it with all His might.
We have no need of fear 
when drought sucks us dry 
or we flail in overwhelming floods. 
For dreams are meant to be fulfilled 
and they will be
one tiny inch at a time,
one shoot,
one bud,
one flower
one petal,
one leaf.
Bit by bit a plant grows 
and so will your dreams…
Just keep trusting.

This is written to encourage and support my fellow travellers on the God-sized Dream journey as a way of showing why we all need one another and our dreams, especially through the hard times which stretch and challenge us.

Your dreams matter. You matter. Be brave in the telling. Sharing is caring.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dream to somebody else” ~ Erma Bombeck

Each one of us brings a fresh vision of God’s purposes. Each one of us brings a gift of grace to help and encourage others.

“Friends…They cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams” ~ Henry David Thoreau

And for all fellow travellers on this journey of life and faith,  this is true, particularly in the tough times: Together we are Stronger

I am linking here with Holley Gerth and the rest of the God-sized Dream Team. 
Find out more about how God gifts us with dreams and how to pursue them in this great new resource –

 Holley’s latest book:‘You’re made for a God-sized Dream’ is available from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

All of us can have a God-sized Dream. It starts with surrender to God’s will and His way for our lives. As we learn to listen to His voice speaking to us, He implants His desires in our hearts:

“Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart” ~ Psalm 37:4

We would love you to join us in exploring the dream God has laid on your heart. Do feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your journey is going.

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