A very Happy New Year to you all!

Dear Readers/Friends,

It has been an honour and privilege to share my heart and life with you in 2012. 

Here are the Top Ten posts that have been most popular, so you can enjoy them again or maybe read for the first time if you are new here:

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The title of the last post listed here reminds us of the sands of time that are forever moving inexorably on. We cannot fight it. But we can embrace the new in order to make way for progress, change, renewal and restoration in the year ahead. 

I look forward to sharing with and hearing from you in this new year as we move upward and onward to discover all the potential in front of us yet to be enjoyed by God’s grace.

As a bonus, until my next post, I include my latest poem for you:


Celebrated arrival cloaked
in virginal innocence.
A blank sheet
clean slate
rose-kissed dawn
pregnant with possibility.

Viewed with eyes
of wonder
breath-held fear
and great curiosity.

What if?
What if THIS –
is the time
promises are kept
dreams come true
lessons are learnt
goals are met?

Will problems rule
and reign again?
Will love flourish
or die?
Will we rush 
with open-armed embrace
or turn aside?

No easy answers
rise to our lips.
This takes
steely determination
raw courage
blind optimism
great faith.

As we plunge
into The Unknown –
unfamiliar territory
anchored by memory
of past victories
of battles won;
we too
 will overcome.

Coming up on the blog soon:

  • Thinking about how life is for those who struggle in various ways
  • Looking at embracing my God-sized dream
  • Further Grace Notes reflections
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