Whether a band-aid (plaster) is boring brown, hygienic white, blue, multi-hued or patterned with comic book figures, they’re a staple in most family first-aid boxes. Just the job for minor cuts and scrapes.

Deep wounds or profuse bleeding require different treatment, usually from a health practitioner and in a hospital environment. Sometimes we carry deep wounds that we are barely aware of – they might be physical or emotional ones but the pain eventually makes itself known.

If they come to our attention then we might feel that sticking a band-aid over them is all that’s required. We can get by with just that, can’t we? I used to be that way. As painful emotions rose to the surface of my mind, I stuffed them back down again and covered everything up.

After several years of trying various therapies, including hypnosis, reiki healing, aromatherapy and homoeopathy, alongside changing counsellors (and admitting that sometimes these things helped but more often than not they hindered my ‘recovery‘), I was finally shocked into getting proper help.

Eventually, I turned to Christian counselling, not realising how long-term and in-depth it would need to be. During the course of pouring out my pain, it soon became clear that one loss stood out above others: The loss of my innocence and being robbed of a happy childhood.

I share these things to let you know that as we confront, examine and move through the events of our past, we can come to a point of being able to Let Go. In the act of letting go – especially releasing it into God’s hands – we are enabled to Move On and look to the future in a new way.

God’s word reassures us that Jesus came to give us:

“A crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair..” ~ Isaiah 61:3 


As an avid reader it was no surprise that I found a lot of help, support and consolation from various books during my healing journey.

The bible was (and still is) my major source of help and strength. It spoke healing into areas as I began to uncover the wounds – gingerly peeling back the layers and seeing how they festered without due attention – and allow the Holy Spirit access to them. 

“Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance..” ~ Isaiah 61:7

I also gained insight, support and practical suggestions from ‘Beauty for Ashes’ by Joyce Meyer. Another really significant book that helped me tremendously was ‘Breaking Free’ by Beth Moore as it emphasises how to get rid of the various chains that hold us back from true liberty.

I have also benefited greatly from reading ‘Battlefield of the Mind’. It shows us how to break free from mental strongholds and learn to speak positively about ourselves and our situations.

If I hadn’t already had a relationship with The Healer and Great Physician of our souls, then I would have wanted to turn to Him as the best person to safely deal with my pain and bring beauty for ashes out of the mess and rubble of my ruined life.

Sadly, we are not made perfect overnight once we make Jesus Lord of our lives but He does start us off on the journey leading to change, healing and wholeness.
If anything I have touched on has struck a chord with you, then I urge you to seek the help you need – perhaps you could begin by opening up to another person that you can trust, then maybe seeking medical assistance or counselling as required.

Freedom is achievable, though the process towards it can hurt. Think of it like lancing a wound to release the pus before full healing can occur. The only way out is through.

Please don’t allow the poison of unforgiveness from the past to sour everything in the present with bitterness, resentment or regrets.

We all bear wounds and scars of various kinds as we travel through life, but the wound of unhealed trauma from the past requires more than a band-aid solution. It may need professional help and will benefit hugely by being exposed to God’s healing touch.

A Prayer

Dear Father,
We come to You in our weakness,
in need of your strength.
We come to You with our pain,
in need of Your healing.
We come to You in our confusion,
in need of clarity and focus.
Thank you that You know us
better than we know ourselves
and that You have already provided
for our every need in the person
of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please teach us to look to Him
and let His words be our guide,
His ways our example
and His love
our great comfort in trial and adversity.
May we discover all that we can be In Christ
and may it be life changing for us.