Hello Friend,

Happy New Year to you! I’m celebrating this season of fresh starts because beginning again is the only way to recover after setbacks.

It takes courage, willpower and faith. It feels scary to return to something we’ve neglected or had to lay aside. But it’s how we learn to stretch ourselves by trusting that everything will be good in the end.

Consider athletes who’ve been sidelined for a while due to sustaining injuries. They rarely give up in resignation and discouragement, cut their losses and leave the sport they love.

Instead, they resolve to begin again, while making every effort to resume their training. They seek to become restored, healed and fit as quickly as they can.

When life and illness reduce our resilience, affect our coping ability and steal our energy, we need a heavenly boost to get us back on our feet again.

How to start again

As we lift our gaze away from the problems and pitfalls that stall us, and turn our eyes toward Jesus, He gives us fresh resolve, impetus, and strength enough to start again.

We receive holy courage to tackle the difficulties we face by means of God’s mercy and grace. And the ability to rest and relax because we’re trusting in His unlimited resources, rather than relying on our own meagre supplies.

That’s how I feel about returning to writing after a lengthy break. I need faith in God and in myself to begin. I need hope that it will get better the more I do it. I need you to be kind ’cause I’m a bit rusty… 😏

10 tips to help reignite your creativity

1.Pray. Wait. Trust. Listen. Believe…Repeat.
2. Try to be creative in different ways.
3. Keep a journal or write out your prayers.
4. Write something each day if possible.
5. Don’t give up even if it’s only a line, sentence or paragraph.
6. Remember that a shopping list, tiny poem or prayer request counts.
7. Read voraciously because absorbing words will inspire you to write your own.
8. Listen to songs you love that sing in your soul.
9. Be open to receiving inspiration everywhere, even from movies or TV.
10. Take pauses and rest up to recharge your batteries.

Reigniting hope and creativity

Most of the poems I’ve written over the last few months have been inspired by books I’ve read or come from observing nature. As we listen and write the offerings down, we’re ready to receive more in due course.

God is faithful. He gives generously. He stirs up the gifts we already have. He encourages us to trust when we cannot see the way ahead. God is always willing to offer us a fresh start with our lives, any time we need it.

I’m clinging to that thought as I wait on God to stir the dying embers of my creativity back to life again. During the months when I’ve been absent from this blog, God whispered hope-filled words to encourage my heart.

He’s given me hope of beginning again, listening and writing down what I hear, and hope of receiving words to share and bless others with. My prayer for this year, whether my words be many or few, is this:

“Lord, give me creative and fresh ideas that flow effortlessly. Open doors for me to use my gifts in ways that bless others. Teach me and anoint me, so that every execution of my craft will come forth with wisdom and skill. Let everything I release touch others’ hearts and speak to the deepest part of who they are.” — Prayers on Fire: 365 Days Praying the Psalms by Brian Simmons

May you make this your prayer, too, especially if you’re stuck and stalled creatively, because we needn’t fear barren seasons. The wilderness is where we grow best. It’s how we learn to lean harder on God in faith and trust.

Sending hugs, love, and blessings of new beginnings and creative outpourings for the year ahead! Xox 😊💜

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